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Practicum for Teaching U.S. Government

How Do I Get Started?
Three easy steps to starting CAP. For a detailed overview of the CAP rationale, features, connections to the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, and methods of organizing a CAP classroom, read A Teacher’s Introduction to CAP.

Quick answers to teachers' questions about CAP.

Teacher Talk
CAP Teacher Forum

Student Civic Actions

Taking Civic Actions
The heart of CAP is engaging students in taking civic actions to address issues that matter to them.

CAP Planner
The CAP Planner provides a structure to guide students through selecting and addressing an issue, problem, or policy.

CAP Lessons
Lessons 1 through 5 provide students with key content and skills they need to select an issue and begin taking civic actions. Lessons 6 through 14 provide specific content, skills, and examples of civic actions.

Civic Actions Toolkit
Tools and tips for civic actions in an easy-to-read graphic format.

Web Citizens
CAP engages students in online conversations about their issues and civic actions.

Assessment Tools

Sample Rubrics and Assessment Tools
Assessment should focus on the amount and quality of independent critical thinking; policy analysis; and students’ abilities to identify, seek out, and communicate effectively with people.

CAP Culmination Activities
In addition to the assessment tools provided by CAP, teachers have developed assignments that provide students with opportunities to present and celebrate their civic actions.

Implementation Models

CAP Semester and Quarter Implementation Models
The semester and quarter implementation models are designed accommodate various school calendars and instructional programs.

CAP modules especially designed for us by 4-H and student clubs.
CRF welcomes suggestions from the field for further aligning CAP with these approaches as well as recommendations for professional development. Send your comments to

PD Resources

Join the Conversation

Online Resources

Complete the Teacher Evaluation Now!

CAP Website Overview for Teachers

Introducing CAP to Students

Teaching CAP Lessons

Using the CAP Planner

Webinar Series

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