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Featured Civic Actions

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Clean Beaches Week | UV Safety Month | Eye Injury Prevention Month

Examples of Civic Actions:

Julianna from Douglas County, CO is working on restoring budget cuts to P.E.
Destinee’s group in Cincinnati, OH is working on a traffic safety problem.
Alexandra and her team from Norco, CA are working on hazardous electrical lines near an airport.

Paola, Cesar, Josue, and Brenda from California are working to get healthier snacks on school campus. Take a look at their proposal.

dreamactGustavo and Michelle from Maine West HS in Illinois are working to pass the Dream Act. Take a look at their art, letters to policy makers.

Nancy is tackling the issue of texting while driving. For her first civic action, she created a banner for students at her school to sign and make a pledge not to text and drive. See Nancy’s Civic Action Planner-Civic Action 1.

Nathan from Maine West HS in Illinois created a petition to encourage support for the President’s college access plan.

Baxter is working on raising awareness of homelessness in and around the Ft. Collins area. Take a look at his proposal. Gloribel from California is working to inform her community about spaying and neutering their cats and dogs. Take a look at her proposal.

Chelsea from Colorado is working to stop mistreatment of children with special needs. Take a look at her proposal.

Tyler El DoradoTyler from Las Vegas wants to enrich the culture of his city by bringing local bands to a historic landmark theater currently not in use. Click here to hear from Tyler.

Jackie and Jenna are working to raise awareness of the No Child Left Behind law. Take a look at their proposal.
Do you think women should be drafted if men are? Vanessa from Maine West HS created a CAP presentation on the topic.
Mike from Maine West High in Des Plaines, Illinois is concerned about nutritious school lunches. Find out more here. Zach, Brian, Kevin, Dillon, and Paige from Rocky Mt. in Colorado are working on establishing an intermural sports program . Here’s more info on their project.
Russell from Colorado is trying to raise public awareness about anti-piracy bills. Two students from Main West HS in Des Plaines, IL worked on the issue of same sex marriage. Take a look at Guen’s and Joey’s presentations.

Chelsey from Fort Collins, CO is working on improved crosswalk safety.


Civic Actions

Rebecca and her partners at Rocky Mountain HS in Colorado…Need more information about college scholarships for Freshmen and Sophomores.

They have contacted counselors about starting a new Scholarship Club. Members would help research scholarship opportunities to spread information to student body.

Stephan at Wheaton North HS in Illinois… Too many people wasting energy which is destroying the environment.

He’s making a plan so that people are educated on how to save energy and to make it mandatory to recycle and be energy-efficient and educate people to urge them in saving energy and want to be able to make a difference in protecting the environment.

Erik at Rocky Mountain HS in Colorado…A local sanctuary for wolves is allowed to have only 30 animals on its property.

He’s communicating with the director of W.O.L.F. sanctuary to find out why they can’t house more animals. Worked with the County Board of Supervisors to obtain the policy that denies W.O.L.F. the permit to house more animals. Brainstorming possibilities with W.O.L.F.

Rheo and Cole at Rocky Mountain HS in Colorado…Students with special needs are not connected with other students at our school.

They are making others aware that we should reach out to special needs students and be more inclusive. We are working through our school’s Connections Club to do this.

Jenna, Heather, and Meg at Rocky Mountain HS in Colorado…America’s child obesity rate is appalling, but kids don’t really know how to handle weight problems. Some give up and doom themselves to a life of obesity and probably health problems. Some, especially girls, stop eating and become anorexic.

They are talking to teachers about trying to start an elective Nutritional Foods Class. Learned that there are policies in place that make it difficult to start an official new class. Now looking at starting a club that would get good information out to the student body.

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