Assessment should focus on the amount and quality of independent critical thinking; policy analysis; and students’ abilities to identify, seek out, and communicate effectively with people who can help them impact the issue they are working on. Assessment should not be based whether the students actually solved the problem, but rather on their abilities to use strategic thinking, analysis, and organization to approach the problem. Rubrics and other resources for assessment are provided, and teachers are invited to share assessment ideas and tools they create.

CAP Planner Rubrics

Tips for Assessing the CAP Planner

CAP Proposal | Thinking It Through Civic Action | Report

Sample Rubrics

Culminating Activities

Oral Presentations
CAP Showcase
CAPfolio Contest

Teacher Created Assessment Tools
  • Circle Maps - For use with lessons 1, 3, 5 – 14, and the CAP Proposal. - Valerie Felix
  • Lesson 5 Quiz (ppt) – A quiz on the Chicago Gang Policy. – Mary Ellen Daneels and Allison Baxtor
  • Group Information Form (pdf) – Form for students to keep track of their group’s CAP progress. – Patricia Vasquez
  • Project Folder Checklist (pdf) – Form for teacher to keep track of a group’s progress. – Patricia Vasquez
  • Peer Group Evaluation Form (pdf) – Form for students to evaluate their own group’s participation and contributions. – Patricia Vasquez
  • Group Evaluation Form (pdf) – Rubric to evaluate a group CAP presentation. – Patricia Vasquez
  • Written Report Rubric (pdf) – Rubric to evaluate a written report. – Patricia Vasquez

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