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The CAP Youth Board (“CYB”) consists of passionate alumni who have successfully completed a Civic Action Project and have found CAP to be an excellent way to get youth civically engaged. CYB members are able to strengthen their civic experiences by building on their success in CAP to become peer-coaches for CAP students currently completing projects. Our goal is to recruit CYB members from various cities/states across the United States to represent the CAP student community.
Meet the Current CAP Youth Board

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Hello, my name is Arlete, and I am a junior at John H. Francis Polytechnic Magnet High School. I enjoy volunteering, watching movies, and reading. I also like being involved in many clubs and organizations, such as Interact and the California Scholarship Federation. In five years, I see myself graduating from a four-year university and being on the road to graduate school.

I think it is important to be civically engaged so that people can have knowledge of their surroundings and bring about change. Being oblivious to what is going on and not addressing public issues can affect us and future generations.

My CAP project attempted to decrease the number of youth that become involved with gangs by getting kids involved in recreational activities. My group and I talked to attorneys and organizations aimed at keeping kids out of gangs and tried to get elementary schools to promote hobbies and activities.


I am currently attending Quartz Hill High School and will be graduating in 2017. In the future, I hope to attend Stanford University to study virology or engineering. I really enjoy singing and love to read whenever I can. One of my favorite activities in school is debating. I joined the CAP Youth Board so that I could help lead others in getting the most out of their projects and hopefully help others make real impact. While doing this project I found that having someone to share ideas with was crucial to seeing the experience in a more global perspective.


I am a senior at Maywood Academy High School. My dream school for college is Rensselaer Polytechnic University. I want to go there to study architecture and automotive engineering.

I joined the CAP Youth Board because I want to help students like you who are reading this. Sometimes, certain parts of your CAP project don’t turn out as you planned, or you don’t even know where to start, and that is perfectly fine. We’ve all been in that situation at some point.

My team focused on homelessness in Los Angeles, specifically on Skid Row. If you are also working on that topic, I may be of help to you. Even if you are working on a different issue, message me anyway, and I will do my best to help you.


I ‘am a senior at Maywood Academy High School. My dream college is UCLA or USC. I joined CYB because I remember my experience with CAP and I’d like to help others through their experience. Fun fact: My hobbies are boxing and running.


I am a senior attending Maywood Academy High School. In joining the CAP Youth Board, my ambition is to inspire citizens to participate in the Civic Action Project as well as enhance my skills and networking dexterity.

My dream school is University of California, Irvine. My desire is to major in chemistry and eventually enter medical school. Something interesting about me is that I also love history and math, even though I may not excel in them.


I am currently a senior at Maywood Academy High School. I joined CYB because my group and I really enjoyed our CAP experience. I figured we did a good job with it and so I would be able to help others with their project. In the future, I’d like to attend a good school like UCLA, USC, or Stanford.


I am currently a senior at Maywood Academy High School. I have chosen to participate in the CAP Youth Board for the simple fact that I enjoy helping others. My own experience working on my Civic Action Project was great and immensely interesting. I would like to attend UCLA for both undergraduate and graduate school. I love exploring and visiting new places with my friends and family. I am very amiable and I’d be happy to assist any of you in every possible way that I can.


I am a senior at the Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine at Linda Marquez High School, aka HPIAM. I joined the CYB because I believe that with the help of the others on the CYB, I can help CAP students and make CAP and the CAP website work well for everyone. After high school I would like to attend Stanford, UC Berkeley, or UCLA. As the drum major of my school’s band, I’m the guy that commands the whole band and gives instruction on what to play, how fast to play, and when to play.


I am a senior at Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine, class of 2017. I joined the CAP Youth Board because I enjoyed actively engaging with my community during my time with Civic Action Project and cannot wait to help others do the same. I am looking forward to meeting individuals dedicated to making a change in their communities and beyond. I am excited to help guide students through the many victories they will experience in CAP. I hope to attend UC Berkeley next fall. My passion is social justice and inspiring youth to become the future leaders of the world.


I am a junior at the School for the Visual Arts and Humanities. I joined CYB because leadership has always been my skill, so I thought helping others by becoming a leader would help me become more effective in the future. My dream college is a tie between Loyola Marymount University and Cal Poly Pomona. A fact about me is that I enjoy playing soccer in video games and in real life.


I am currently a senior at Animo Venice Charter High. I joined the CYB program to expand my knowledge on how to be an effective leader by educating students on the first steps of action to make their communities better. This is also the first step in becoming an active citizen in society. My two dream schools are the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Loyola Marymount University. I also love to participate in clubs, especially being a part of my school’s student body were I hold the position of secretary.

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