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gretI have over 20 years of experience providing workshops and professional-development sessions for youth, educators, and program staff seeking ways to incorporate civic- and law-related activities into their school or community-based programs. I currently co-direct CRF’s Civic Action Project (aka CAP), which is a web- and standards-based practicum for U.S. government classes. I am a native Angeleno and graduate of East L.A. and Occidental Colleges. In addition to my enduring love for the L.A. Dodgers, I enjoy exploring L.A.’s hiking and biking trails from the Pacific Coast Highway to Angeles Crest Highway. I look forward to working with teachers in your school or district to support your civic-engagement program needs!


lauraHere at CRF, I am responsible for various law-related education and civic programs. I have 15 years of experience working in civic- and law-related education , as well as extensive experience with program design and implementation, curriculum development, and conducting teacher trainings and volunteer recruitment. I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior, and criminology law and society from University of California, Irvine, and I received my law degree from University of Colorado, Boulder. I am also a licensed attorney in both Colorado and California. I love sports and I can be persuaded to do karaoke. I also hope to get a CRF softball team started up in the near future.


davidMy work at CRF has afforded me 13 years of experience providing local, regional, and national trainings to youth, educators, and other professionals seeking ways to integrate civic- and law-related activities into their educational programs. I’m currently on the team for CRF’s. I also am responsible for filming and editing projects to help promote and showcase CRF programs. I have degrees in political science and history. I haven’t settled on a hobby, but have thus far enjoyed searching for one.


RobinI provide administrative support and logistical assistance for our civic and law-related programs. I hold two bachelor degrees, one in political science and another in sociology from the University of California, Davis. I have studied abroad in Cuba where I learned about the Cuban resistance, and in Spain to explore Spanish art. I also completed an internship in Washington, D.C., as a participant of the Washington Quarter Program of the University of California. Throughout my career, my commitment to reaching out to underrepresented communities has been a constant. My source of inspiration and drive are my family because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Traveling and listening to music are my two favorite forms of recreation when I’m not working on being a better social-justice advocate.


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A project by Emeralda J.

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Crime and Safety

Rape Kit Backlog

There are 400,000 untested rape kits in the United States. Students from Los Angeles want to change that. 

Los Angeles School of Global Studies, Los Angeles, CA

Text and Die PSA  

Citrus Ridge Middle School, Davenport, FL

Students advocate for adoption of universal background checks for all gun purchases as a way of preventing mass-shooting incidents.
Naugatuck High School, Naugatuck, CT

Gang Violence


Check out the site Brianna, Jordan, Beatrice, and Steven have created to address the problem of gang violence in the Parkway Gardens apartments in Chicago.

Lindblom Math and Science Academy, Chicago, IL.

Cyber Bullying

Maryland students Katie, Lizzie, Jenny, and Kayla saw that bullying was a big problem in their school. Watch their videos to see how they persuaded public officials to take action on this issue.

Athlon High School, Columbia, MD

Domestic Violence in American Sports

Los Angeles School of Global Studies, Los Angeles, CA


STEM Education Funding


The student created a website highlighting all her civic actions in hopes for the passage of H.R.4366 (STEM) which would increase funding in educational in addition to potentially improving math and science skills in students. She wrote a letter to Representative Elijah Cumming, submitted her article to Teen Ink and made a video compilation of the information she gathered. Everything is on the website.

Athlon High School, Columbia, MD

homeworkHomework Policy

The Naugatuck Patch tells what a student from Connecticut is doing to change school policy on homework weighing homework in grades.

Click here to read the article.

Naugatuck High School
Naugatuck, CT

Equal Restroom Initiative

Janelle from Bell Gardens, California, looks into gender equity in the use of campus bathrooms and locker rooms. Watch her video to see her civic actions to raise awareness and to recommend a new district-wide equal-access policy for all students.

Bell Gardens High School, Bell Gardens, CA


Vacant Lots

Loara High School students in Anaheim, CA investigate and share creative ideas for repurposing neglected and vacant lots in their community.

Lorara High School, Anahiem, CA

Climate Change

Reusable Plastic Bags


In this planner, students detail their goal of making reusable bags a common practice. They explain the environmental impact of plastic bags, urge a 10-cent tax to encourage consumers to make the switch, and share online survey results.

Rock Canyon High School, Highlands Ranch, CO

Take a closer look at their Civic Action Planner.



Mental Health

Four million children and teenagers suffer from mental health issues every year. See how Cole, Monica, Piper, Sophia and Kylee from Northern California bring mental health issues out of the shadows and on the agenda of officials to provide more funding for school therapists and student education.

San Rafael High School, San Rafael, CA


The Dream Act

Immigrants but Still Humans by Nancy G, Deyse A, Vanesa DS, and Leticia J,

Santee Education Complex, CA

Social Justice

Gender Pay Gap Inglewood Gentrification
Los Angeles School of Global Studies, Los Angeles, CA

Gentrification and Rent Control
Los Angeles School of Global Studies, Los Angeles, CA
Visit the project website.   Download the project brochure.

What is homelessness really like?

Los Angeles School of Global Studies, Los Angeles, CA


Highway Speed Safety
Matt, San Marino High School, Calif.
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