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gretI have over 20 years of experience providing workshops and professional-development sessions for youth, educators, and program staff seeking ways to incorporate civic- and law-related activities into their school or community-based programs. I currently co-direct CRF’s Civic Action Project (aka CAP), which is a web- and standards-based practicum for U.S. government classes. I am a native Angeleno and graduate of East L.A. and Occidental Colleges. In addition to my enduring love for the L.A. Dodgers, I enjoy exploring L.A.’s hiking and biking trails from the Pacific Coast Highway to Angeles Crest Highway. I look forward to working with teachers in your school or district to support your civic-engagement program needs!


lauraHere at CRF, I am responsible for various law-related education and civic programs. I have 15 years of experience working in civic- and law-related education , as well as extensive experience with program design and implementation, curriculum development, and conducting teacher trainings and volunteer recruitment. I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior, and criminology law and society from University of California, Irvine, and I received my law degree from University of Colorado, Boulder. I am also a licensed attorney in both Colorado and California. I love sports and I can be persuaded to do karaoke. I also hope to get a CRF softball team started up in the near future.


davidMy work at CRF has afforded me 13 years of experience providing local, regional, and national trainings to youth, educators, and other professionals seeking ways to integrate civic- and law-related activities into their educational programs. I’m currently on the team for CRF’s. I also am responsible for filming and editing projects to help promote and showcase CRF programs. I have degrees in political science and history. I haven’t settled on a hobby, but have thus far enjoyed searching for one.


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Civic Action Project Showcase
ShowcaseOn May 24, 2017, about 200 Los Angeles-area students educated each other and guests at the California Endowment for the annual Civic Action Project Spring Showcase. We were honored to welcome Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer who delivered the keynote speech expressing his admiration for the examples of civic engagement shared by CAP students. Students gave presentations on the important problems and issues they investigated through CAP, as well as the civic actions they completed to make a positive impact in their communities.

Thanks to the L.A. area high schools, teachers, and students who participated in the showcase. Very special thanks go out to CAP teachers whose dedication to facilitating this experience for their students throughout the 2016-2017 school-year made sustained civic action at their respective schools and communities possible. Also, congratulations to all graduating CAP students who have had this unique experience in civic engagement. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes they gained in CAP will promote their personal and professional success beyond high school.

Is There a Civic Leader In Your CAP Classroom?
CAP Youth BoaardAs a CAP teacher, you may have noticed the emergence of a civic leader in your CAP classroom over the past school year. These leaders are students who enjoyed the challenge of working in a group to investigate a problem or issue and who engaged their peers, elected officials, and other stakeholders to influence policy decisions. If you know such a student, invite them to join the CAP Youth Board (CYB)!

The CYB is a great opportunity for former CAP students to share their civic experiences and support new CAP students with their projects. Along the way, they practice and gain valuable skills that enhance their success beyond high school. Interested applicants can visit the CYB page to view bios of current members, eligibility requirements, and benefits of joining the CYB.

surveyHelp Us Reflect, Evaluate, and Improve
Summer is upon us, and it’s time for the CAP crew to reflect and think of new ways to support teachers and motivate students. Your evaluation of the CAP experience provides us with valuable guidance for getting this task done! It only takes a few minutes, and your feedback is critical to keeping CAP fresh and relevant to your classroom needs.

Please submit your completed evaluation no later than June 29, 2017. You can also contact Gregorio Medina at to personally share your feedback and help us continue to improve the CAP experience.

Online Student Survey or PDF / Online Teacher Survey

As we close out another year of supporting civic engagement in schools throughout the nation, we’d like to once again thank all of the classroom teachers that make CAP possible. Your dedication to making civic engagement a part of your students’ education supports the fundamental goal of all educators, which is to cultivate informed and responsible citizens able to collaborate with each other to create positive change in our democratic society. Thanks for everything you do throughout the school year to make this possible. Enjoy a well-earned summer break. We’ll see you in fall 2017!

Featured Student Action

Santuary City

Sanctuary Cities
San Rafael, CA

Public Policy Spotlight


Jump-start student projects by referring them to the following list of dedicated days of civic action:

Fireworks Safety Month

International Day of Peace

National Hunger Awareness Day

National Trails Day

National Cancer Survivors Day

National HIV Testing Day

National Oceans Month

National Home Safety Month

National Great Outdoors Month

Stand for Children Day

World Environment Day

Contact Gregorio Medina for a complete list of monthly public policy spotlights.

A new list every month! Feel free to suggest your own.

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