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Civic Action Project

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Picture of Jesus
by Jesus - Monday, 13 January 2014, 10:29 AM
Anyone on this site

A member of the community care about the BGHS senior project

Picture of Mike
by Mike - Monday, 13 January 2014, 10:28 AM
Anyone on this site

The youth of America should be involved in policy making because they are the future of the country. We will rely on them to make this country a better place. They should agree what best fits the country and how it will affect it in the long run. They will know what is right and what is wrong.

Picture of Romero
by Romero - Thursday, 9 January 2014, 02:06 PM
Anyone on this site

My partner and I have been using AC Transit to get to for quite some time now. Over the years of riding the 93 counterclockwise to school we have noticed that the bus gets very crowded. Sometimes riders even get left behind. This is because there are three schools in the area and this particular bus route stops at all three of the schools plus any other riders. I have gotten left behind before and I was late to school because of it. And I know for sure that I'm not the only one either. AC Transit has yet to do anything about it. I think that AC Transit should either deploy a bigger bus or deploy 2 current sized buses at the same time.

Picture of Alain Ricoh
by Alain Ricoh - Thursday, 9 January 2014, 01:52 PM
Anyone on this site

Why underage drinking is bad?

Do you think that drinking is a good thing? Do you think that it would make you cool? Do you even know what alcohol can do to your body? Well, the answer is no. Teenagers nowadays are engaged in underage drinking, and it is affecting their lives. Most of them are teenagers without adults to supervise them, or worst, they have adults around them but they are copying what their parents are doing. They aren’t educated nor informed about what is the difference between the right and wrong.

Unsupervised teenagers tend to have a miserable life around alcohol and drug abuse. With alcohol abuse, their physical and mental health is affected. By physical health, their liver is main organ that is damaged by the alcohol they consume every time they’re drinking. Next to it is the kidneys and other major organs that secrete fluids inside us to protect our body from any illness or diseases. They’re also mentally affected because the pituitary gland (or master gland) of our endocrine system which is responsible for secreting bodily fluids that helps us main homeostasis is affected. Our emotions are affected by the alcoholic drinks we drink and it depends on the amount of alcohol we take. In the long run, heavy drinking can cause severe and permanent brain damage, and your brain can really shrink. In the long run, heavy drinking can cause severe and permanent brain damage, and your brain can really shrink.

Therefore, as a teenager, we must be responsible and mature enough to know what is right from wrong. All of us have our own problems and obstacles in life that we need pass through in order to move forward and one of those is drinking. You’re young and already alcoholic? Take time to reflect because it’s your life that’s on stake and your future. Remember, it is never too late to change.

Picture of Jazmin
by Jazmin - Wednesday, 8 January 2014, 06:02 PM
Anyone on this site

My partner and I have been doing research on gay bullying. How many people commit suicide because of it? or tried to? Statistics say that teens are about two to three times more likely to commit suicide than other teens because they are being bullied on their sexual orientation. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, among teens, there are at least 10 suicide attempts and 4,400 deaths per year because they're being bullied. They're more likely to even think about suicide because of the fact they're being bullied based on their sexual orientation. So, my question for you is, how can we help reduce the number of suicide and suicide attempts?

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Picture of Iciis
by Iciis - Wednesday, 8 January 2014, 05:51 PM
Anyone on this site

The issue we have come across is the problem with the huge mess under the bridges in San Leandro. At first we just thought that the trash buildup of people littering was a problem but we soon discovered a bigger situation. Pigeons are the main source of the things that can be harmful to humans. It’s not really the pigeons themselves, its more so the waste they leave behind. Like all waste whether it’s human or animal it can be dangerous if ingested. The way it gets into your body is through the open cavities of your respiratory system such as mouth, nose, lungs, eyes etc. When the pigeon feces dries it begins to harden and crust starts to form around it. The dust particles from it that contains bacteria is carried by the wind and it then it becomes an airborne disease. Pigeon feces contains three types of disease but there are only two that are most harmful to humans those are called Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis. Histoplasmosis is a fungus that grows on the droppings whereas Psittacosis is the main problem under the bridges where pedestrians walk because that is the airborne disease that gets blow in peoples faces. The affects of this disease has a number of symptoms and can even be fatal, that's why we think bridge maintenance should happen more often. The trash and bird feces tends to pile up extremely fast and the problem should be contained for the safety of the people that have to walk under the bridges and overpasses in order to get to their destination.

Picture of Yesenia
by Yesenia - Tuesday, 7 January 2014, 12:44 AM
Anyone on this site

After researching I have found out that college tuition has been increase by "2.9 increase the smallest one-year increase in more than 30 years", according to College Board. The problem is now, is that students are struggling to paid off their college fees.

Some students work and probably get paid minimum wage, but does that actually help students paid off their college fees if the minimum wage is just the minimum? What can we as society do about this?

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Picture of Victor
by Victor - Monday, 6 January 2014, 10:29 PM
Anyone on this site

Victor Paramo

There is a issue we are dealing with in the hayward shoreline. We're doing our civic action on the shoreline rehabilitation. We're trying to find ways to help and bring new life to the shoreline. We chose this issue because we are actually concerned about the different species near the area and how its effecting there habitats. We feel like all environment should be respected and helped out. We are trying to encourage more people to go to the shoreline and actually participate in clean ups and meet ups to better it. Many people have different opinion toward this. We conducted a survey and we had a wide variety of different opinions. Some people are supportive and another part doesn't really even care about it. With the research we've done and our survey we feel strongly of what were trying to do and just bring a little change if it even just mean getting the word out.

Kenneth Aguiluz

There are many problems arising in the community here in the Bay Area. The shorelines here are home to many different species of wildlife that I personally feel should be protected and watched over. Our community and the people who run it are not doing their jobs of preserving wildlife. That's why my friend and I are doing what we can to stand up for what believe is right. We may not make a big difference in the problem, but we can just do our part and help as much as we can and educate and encourage people to be a part of this movement.

Picture of Ashley
by Ashley - Monday, 6 January 2014, 08:11 PM
Anyone on this site

My partners and I are discussing a new policy that involves the legalization of marijuana at the age of 21 in the state of California. Marijuana has become one of the biggest and most common drug being used and we want to regulate it.
There are many outcomes both bad and good to either the industry or the people. I want people to understand how the good reasons for it can outweigh the bad. Now there are numerous of reasons why it should be legalized but my partners and I have picked a couple that we thought were more imperative.

Our first reason was how legalizing it would decrease the amount of people getting put in jail for smoking or dealing. There are criminals out there that they should be more aware of then arresting smokers. Secondly, Racial profiling would also decrease with less Latino and African Americans going to jail. There has been a estimate that makes society believe these two races has been targeted. The third reason would be how higher taxes would benefit government businesses but then we would have higher taxes to pay.

As you see we have a lot to think through and this topic is very debatable.There has to be counterclaims for the pros and cons.

What do ya'll think?

Picture of Laila
by Laila - Saturday, 4 January 2014, 09:32 PM
Yourself (draft)
My partner and I decided to do our civic action on getting something done about foods being served at our school because of how unhealthy it is. While researching about the food that’s being served here we came to realize how completely unsafe it really is to our bodies if something isn't yet done about it. Some of the ingredients contain chemicals we aren’t being informed about and much worse. In attempt to have something done to our school menu we contacted our school principle and addressed to her our concerns about this issue and how we must have something done about it. Sadly we haven't yet received a response from her and we still yet waiting patiently. My partner and I plan on attending a school board meeting coming up soon and we'll surely try to bring up this problem our school is facing and hopefully this will not only bring change to our school but change to the whole district if things go well. We believe if more people knew what they are consuming they’d call for a change as well. These are only a few things that have been exposed by how their food is made. This is only stuff we've been formed about and exposed to, for now.
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